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Articles on how to explicate/read a poem

Why Write?

Jane Hirshfield

Maria Mazziotti Gillan

Mary Karr


What is a Poem?


One of our favorite articles to use to help make writing poetry accessible – often used in combination with the Bukowski poem, “The History of One Tough Mother Fucker' (which you can also find online)

A list of poems that illustrate poetic terms:


On line breaks:


On revisions:


Poems inspired by art: 

(This was a great exercise – I took in copies of the referenced paintings as inspiration – you can find them online)




Figurative language:

Rhythm and Meter:


Poetic Forms (Sonnet)


Writing Prompts


Some other articles with suggested lesson plans and ideas (The Metaphor exercise came from this article) (contrasting prose v. poetry)

Teaching techniques