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For the Seventh Generation
An Oceans Festival in Lincoln City OR

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Several months ago, we were asked to submit our students' work for an oceans festival taking place in Lincoln City, OR. We set them the challenge to write about specific beaches that meant a lot to them. Four poets were chosen, Justin Marc, R. Walsh, Chad Bachman, and Bennett Healy. We are so proud of their efforts and creativity! 

The reading took place on July 22, 2021. We will post a link to a video of the reading. Click on the photo above for a link to the event Web site.


Class Schedule

We will be resuming in-person classes starting in May 2022.

There are two men's classes planned, R Unit Rountree, and R&R (Re-Entry & Rehabilitation). 

The Blaine Street Women's Facility is currently closed, temporarily, and we look forward to getting back to in-person classes there.

We have very much appreciated the dedication of the Santa Cruz Sheriff's Office in keeping the program going, with some (and sometimes many) logistical challenges, throughout the COVID pandemic.

Benefit for Poetry in the Jails 2019

Our event was a success! Thank you to everyone who donated their time and talents to organizing and carrying out the event, and who donated items to our silent auction.


Gary Young

Tess Taylor

Danusha Lameris

Amanda Moore

Renee Winter

Deb Culmer

Erik Anderson

Jaime Zuder

Journey Employer Solutions

Tina Cervin

Ken Haas

The Becker Foundation

Barbara Leon

Cindy White

Idea Fabrication Lab

Ellen Bass

Nancy Miller Gomez

1440 Multiversity

Janet Bryer

Sally Neas

Max Bryer-Bass

Joel Gomez

Laurie Brooks

The William James Association

The Santa Cruz Arts Council

Alfaro Winery

Missy Schnapps

Salon on the Square

Jewel Theater

Jim Potterton

David Van Brink


Kim Beecher

Tri-Yoga Center Santa Cruz

Powell Peralta


Ruth Smith

SeSe Geddes

Ashlie Sadri

Bellydance Basics

Bargetto Winery


La Posta

Elizabeth Good

Max Gavrich

Laurie Guerin

Gail Newman

Many Hands Gallery

Tauna Coulson

Shakespeare Santa Cruz

The Santa Cruz Warriors

Briya Leung

Noelle Weatherwax

Concrete Rose Hair Salon

Megan Welch

Dion O’Reilly

Aldo’s Bakery

Faust Hair Salon


Scott Thornburg

Sebastian DeEldon

Emily Keinholz

Buttercup Bakery

The Food Lounge

Andrea Mollenauer

Lampwork Glass

Jackie Marr

Cindy Mori

Kate Nolan

Logan Austeja Daniel

Lindsay Spencer

Jory Post


Kate Tripp

Robert Sward

Kiss My Glass

Luma Yoga

John Orlando Distinguished

    Artist Series

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