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Filmmaker Wallace Boss visited the Power in Poetry classroom at Blaine Street. We chatted about creativity, read some poems, and did some writing. Enjoy!

2022-2023 Anthologies

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2020-2021 Anthologies

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2019 Poetry Anthologies

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2018 Poetry Anthologies

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"Turning Points" was the first volume from our Women's classes at Rountree, Main Jail, and Blaine Street.  The book includes their poetry, intertwined with stories and poems from Robert Sward's Senior Women's Memoir class. The book gives a stunning picture of life lived across a variety of ages and experiences.


Fall of 2018 also saw the printing of a collection of poetry from Unit S and Unit T men's classes at Rountree. 

Please contact us to receive a hard copy of an anthology. These are available for whatever you can contribute. A donation of $10 will help us greatly with materials, publication, and mailing costs.

We would like to thank the Arts Council of Santa Cruz County and all of our donors for their generosity in helping to make these anthologies possible!

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