"Thank you for helping me heal. For an hour and a half once a week, I have a safe place to work through my pain. My poetry class is the only place I have right now where I feel strong enough to write my way through all the tragedy and loss that haunts me every day. It's a place where I am reminded of love and joy and reminded to follow my bliss, and that everything will be OK. The smile I receive when I walk through the door, along with the heartfelt encouragement and compassion, is more than I could ever ask for or expect. Especially in a place as cold as this. Thank you to every single one of you, all of you that I do not know. Thank you for helping me heal and grow."  -- Julia C., Blaine Street Women's Facility, Santa Cruz Co.

Freedom Through the Written Word

The Santa Cruz Poetry Project provides weekly writing and poetry workshops to incarcerated men and women in the Santa Cruz County Jails. The workshops foster creativity and self-expression and provide an opportunity for participants to transform personal challenges into a shared experience through poems and stories. The workshops help participants heal emotional wounds and make meaning of their lives. The skills learned in the workshops can be life-changing, especially for those trying to successfully reintegrate into their communities after incarceration.

We had two fabulous events in July, 2019, and wish to thank those who turned out to support us.

Thanks to Jory Post and phren-z for showcasing Poetry in the Jails and our instructors (who in turn showcased some of the writings from their classes). The reading at Bookshop Santa Cruz was well-attended, and we appreciate being featured in the Summer Issue (#28) of phren-z.

The fundraiser held on July 27 at Santa Cruz Food Lounge was well-attended, and very successful in terms of exposure and fundraising. We thank so many people for their amazing generosity! Some are listed on our Events page, but we wish to thank everyone who came. Thank you for your support and generosity!



We are proud to be under the fiscal sponsorship of the William James Association. The William James Association promotes work service in the arts, environment, education, and community development. Our major concern has been transformative arts experiences in nontraditional settings, working with prisoners, high-risk youth and parolees.

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